Tandem cycling fun for two

Tandem cycling fun for two

For all cyclists who like to share their road bike with another cyclist. Especially those who can’t cycle alone. Tandem cycling is fun for two. But maybe that’s not quite right. Perhaps it will triple because you can share so much with each other.

Cycling an individual sport?

When you think of cycling, you don’t immediately think of a team sport. If we look at the grand tours of the pro teams, the opposite is proven. Without the support of good servants, you as an individual are nothing in the peloton. A good “lead out” is essential in a sprint. And yet cycling is often seen as an individual sport.

Cycling together

What if there is no option to get on a road bike all by yourself? There can be several reasons for this. Fear of driving alone. No skills to handle the bike properly. But of course also a physical reason such as visual impairment, muscle weakness or spasms. How do you turn that data into something positive?

Tandem cycling

In various championships and competitions we already see regular use of a companion. This also applies to cycling, where a tandem can be used for the visually impaired. But of course anyone who wants to ride together with another person can use the tandem for cycling. Tandem cycling is more than fun for two. It means a kind of brotherhood. Sharing the same passion and working together as a team to reach your goals!

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Fun for two

As mentioned, the reason for choosing a tandem can be very diverse. Nevertheless, it is all about having fun. While driving, it is important that the front and rear rider work well together. Once that is a success, both can enjoy cycling to the fullest. Especially if you are allowed to cycle in such a beautiful environment. Because you are so close to each other, you can hear the other person well. This also means for the visually impaired that they can receive a detailed explanation of the environment from the front driver. Jokes can be shared and together you are strong!

Cannondale Road Tandem T2

Since this week we have a tandem for all our clients. We are really proud to introduce you The Cannondale T2. This two-seater is ideal for companionship on the road, setting a blistering pace on group rides, and general road-riding fun! It uses oversize aluminum tubing that’s extremely lightweight yet laterally stiff. The perfect combination for a ride through the mountains of the Costa Blanca. For more information, please contact us.

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