Services for cyclists

Services for cyclists

Allure Bike Rental has been active on the Costa Blanca for a number of years now as a rental company of semi-professional carbon road bikes to our mostly foreign customers. Initially, we therefore only focused on renting out exceptionally good bicycles. In recent years, however, we have expanded our services for cyclists enormously with an attractive package.

Sports massage for athletes

A sports massage is aimed at stimulating the blood circulation in the muscles. As a result, waste products are removed faster, which ensures a faster recovery of the muscles and the body. Sports massages can be used preventively, but also after a great effort.

After a successful pilot in the spring of 2023 with very satisfied clients, we are offering this service again. Our customers can use this service from mid-September 2023 to the end of April 2024. If you are interested, we will contact Winni van den Berg, owner of Wigasports. He has been a certified NGS sports masseur since 2012 and comes to the holiday accommodation in consultation with the clients.

Sports nutrition for cyclists

Since this spring we also offer various products for our riders. Our drinks and bars have a high energy value. This allows our riders to complete their ultimate cycling tour. The isotonic properties of our powder and Hydro tabs make them ideally suited for adding to the necessary water bottles. It helps preventing dehydration, it gives new energy, and on top of it: they also taste very good.
Our energy bars in various flavors such as salted caramel, banana oats, apple cinnamon or almond blueberries are a success with our clients. All our products are supplied by SupQ nutrition from the Netherlands.

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Delivery service of the rented road bike

Since the beginning of our company, we have chosen not to have a physical store. We choose for this because we want to offer a complete service to our cyclists. Not only during the rental moment, but certainly also during the entire period. That also means that we deliver the bikes to our customers at their holiday address and pick them up again. Depending on their location, this will in many cases be free.

Emergency service

Although our bikes are very well maintained and are thoroughly cleaned and technically checked after each rental period, an unexpected situation can still arise. By this we mean a fall, a broken chain or another technical issue that cannot be solved on site by our customers. In such a situation, the client can request technical assistance to, for example, replace a damaged derailleur hanger after the fall. Given the fact that we do not have a physical store, we are flexible to turn out in the short(er) term and assist our customers with this service.

Combination package

When we think of the word service, we first think of convenience. And convenience serves man. That is why many of our customers request a combination package. We not only take care of the rental of the road bike, but also the stay in a beautiful luxury apartment or hotel and the transfer to and from Alicante airport. And as mentioned, this package can then be expanded with all the aforementioned services. For more information, see our accommodation page.

Check our website for all possibilities for an extensive package of services for cyclists!

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