Microclimate and cycling on the Costa Blanca

Cycling in a healthy climate

They are cliche´s: the Costa Blanca is the Florida of Europe. It has the most beautiful weather in Europe and the healthiest climate in the Mediterranean. Therefore it is all year round perfect to hire a racebike. But cliche´s do not just happen!

Climate and more

The climate is the average weather condition over a period of at least 30 years. It is part of the meteorology in which the same elements play a role as in the weather, but for a longer period. Striking for the Costa Blanca is that the temperature is not extremely high in summer. Besides that it is relatively warm in winter and the precipitation falls reasonably throughout the year. In addition, it is with a large number of days of sun (about 300+) per year and a humidity that is reasonably stable throughout the year, the ultimate region to train a lot on the road bike.

Why specially the Costa Blanca?

Many riders (or competitors) are looking for a training location that is stable over the year and offers pleasant training conditions. How is it that the Costa Blanca has this climate? The answer is simple. From a little south of Alicante to Denia, in the immediate inland of the Costa Blanca, there is a mountain range that lies like a kind of bowl inland. The peaks are a maximum of 1000-1500 meters high and ensure that there is a special microclimate on the coast, which occurs almost nowhere else.

The mountains act as a buffer for weather influences both from the interior and from the sea. In the winter  it often freezes or snows in the Spanish interior. The temperature of the seawater, which seldom drops below 13 degrees Celsius, causes the coastal strip to the east of the mountains to be relatively soft.


The ‘bowl’ has another added advantage. The prevailing wind direction in Spain is western. This means that the supply of humid air from the west regularly blows up against the mountains. When they get stuck on and around the higher peaks, such as the Aitana and the Bernia and rain there, this rain usually does not reach the coast. This makes the region ideally suited to take off with the racing bike!

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