Electronic shifting or Di2 on your carbon racebike hired in Alfas del Pi

Electronic shifting or Di2

We take the risk that this will be a bit of a technical story or that the real cyclists say; “We knew that for a long time”, just a bit of background from the Di2. After all, you do not have to read our blogs to rent a bike here.

Electronic shifting

Some years ago it was still a priceless luxury that only the cycling professionals could afford. But due to technical developments, the technology is not only better, but also more reliable and cheaper. It is still not really cheap, but the electronic shifting groups are increasingly coming in or towards the budget of the fanatic amateur riders.

Why would you opt for electronic shifting?

The electronic shifting was dismissed as a gimmick at the introduction. What were the benefits many people wondered? But now the pros have the necessary to report that this way of shifting is faster, more precise and you run much less chance to take off your chain during a moment of carelessness.

Shimano electronic groups

At present Shimano is one of the brands that is working hard with their electronic shifting groups. This is mainly to be found in the Dura Ace and the Ultegra series, which we also use on the Stevens Ventoux Disc Ultegra Di2.



We understand better than anyone that cycling is a valuable sport, both in terms of investment of money and time. A hobby that involves many elements. Not only the purchase of a bike that fits perfectly in the first place and fits your body but also the other materials such as clothing, shoes, GPS and you name it all. That is why it will always be difficult – especially if you are satisfied with your current bike – to look for a new road bike.

And what if you do not know electronic shifting at all?

This is the time to try out! Allure Bike Rental offers you the opportunity to rent a race bike with Di2 during your stay in Alfas del Pi and surroundings. For no more than € 10 per week more you can rent the same quality bike, but with Di2. So you can try unrestrained if electronic shifting is also something for you, now or in the future!

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