A break on the roadbike around Benidorm

Part 2 Festivals & Bankholidays during your cycling holiday in the Benidorm region

Just before Christmas, it is a good time to take notice of the festivals and bankholidays in Spain. Especially since Spain very often uses all kinds of separate days during the year, when the shops and service centers are closed. The prices of the hotels on and around these days can also be increased. Of course, we at Allure Bike Rental simply charge the same price for renting a race bike! Take a quick look at our page bookings.


Semana Santa actually means the Holy Week, which means the week before Easter. The Spaniards torture themselves for their sins and do penance. Processions take place through the streets of many cities, where the suffering of Christ and Mary is symbolized with great pomp. This is also a period in the North of Europe with many consecutive days off, which makes it ideal for planning a training session in the sun on a bicycle. Book a hotel and a carbon road bike with us in the Sunny Alfas del Pi on the Costa Blanca.

Las Hogueras de San Juan is the birthday of John the Baptist at the beginning of the summer. Noche de San Juan is celebrated from 23 on 24 June with friends and relatives on the beach. They eat together, there will be some music and dance and special rituals. Like, for example, walking into the sea at exactly midnight to be blessed with eternal beauty and to banish evil spirits from the body.

La Tomatina in Buñol, this festival takes place on the last Wednesday of August. The tomato fight is famous and notorious throughout Spain.

Las Fallas is the largest festival in Valencia from 1-19 March, which is celebrated with a traditional feast in honor of Saint Joseph. Specially created images are set on fire at the end of March 19.

These festivals annually attract thousands of visitors from outside Spain. So why not our enthusiastic cyclists? Such an intermediate break where you cycle a lot, can be beautifully completed with the celebration of one of the festivals mentioned.


January 1st New Year = Año Nuevo
January 6 Epiphany = Los Reyes Magos
March 19 Father’s Day = Día de San José (fixed date)
March or April Easter = Semana Santa
August 15 Maria Ascension = Asunción de la Virgen
October 12 Commemoration Columbus discovery of America = Fiesta de la Hispanidad
November 1 All Saints = Fiesta de todos los santos
December 6 Independence day = Día de la constitución
December 8 Immaculate conception = La inmaculada concepción
December 25 Christmas = Navidad

What does it actually mean a public bankholiday?

For the inhabitants of Spain it is an extra day off from work or school, which is often spent with family. But what does this mean for everyone else? According to the dictionary, it is a day of joy or remembrance. An extra day off for me is a day that I can relax, do fun activities with friends in the open air, preferably with a bit of sun. Therefore it could just apply to every day that you take off with your racing bike. A day where you do what you like to do with fine conditions.

No matter which days you celebrate, wherever you go. Remember that every day you have fun on the road bike is a good day to remember!

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