Passion for cycling in the Calpe region

Passion for cycling and other passions!

This time our blog is not just about the passion for cycling! Probably the majority of our readers have a more than average interest in cycling. Our cyclists love to race in the Calpe region because of the beautiful start along the coast or the possibility to quickly enter the mountains. Maybe they travel with friends or relatives who have a totally different passion.

Intense desire

Passion is used in a general sense when people have an intense desire for something. The real cycling fan will experience that with the prospect of cycling for a few days in the Calpe region in the North of the Costa Blanca. But what about their fellow travelers? In order to give an answer, I go back a few years in time.


After having traveled with a camper for several years, we finally arrive in Alfas del Pi. We intend to settle here (and this happened!). Of course, our mutual parents are very curious about the location where we want to spend our future. With the result that they come to visit us within a few months.

Valor Chocolate

We drive several kilometers through the wide area and visit various sights. One of these leads to the chocolate museum annex factory Valor in La Villajoyosa. Here are almost daily guided tours with explanations, a visit to the museum and the factory. The highlight is of course tasting the various types of chocolate and buying them.


In the following years I have been a regular guide on a tour for the athletic but possibly less competitive cyclists. This tour goes namely on an electric bike. And okay that is not comparable with the racing bike, which most of you prefer. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the participants that I have been allowed to meet must not be underestimated. This tour is booked by tourists who want to see something more of the area or want to hear a nice explanation about everything we pass along the way. But the choice for this specific activity is mainly due to the shared passion for Chocola!

Marcos Tonda Chocolate

One of the stops on the route is with Marcos Tonda, the competitor of Valor and also in Villajoyosa. During the stop we can get acquainted with various newly developed products. Especially the newly developed Christmas product with an obvious cinnamon flavor further enhances the passion for chocolate.


Last but not least, the conclusion is that passion has many forms of expression. A painter will passionately put the brush on the canvas, a true cyclist is looking forward to a ride through the beautiful area around Calpe. And of course people will also feel passion when seeing, smelling and tasting the delicious chocolate from Valor or Marcos Tonda! And if you belong to the category that holds both chocolate and bicycles, then this is the ideal region for you.

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