Cycling holiday in Spain.

Cycling holiday in Spain.

Although the world is now in crisis, everyone knows that it will change again. It is important to us to remain positive. That helps us to stay strong when it is difficult and gives us hope for the future. Many of our clients we have contact with during this period are hoping to plan a cycling holiday in Spain. Maybe not for the first few weeks or months, but hopefully as soon as possible. We write this blog for them and all new positive thinking customers.

Where does the cycling holiday in Spain go?

The choice of location for the cycling holiday can vary from year to year. In the past, many riders opted for sunny Mallorca, known as a cycling island. However, this increase in Mallorca has not only made it very busy, but also more expensive than necessary. Where is the cycling holiday in Spain going then? A perfect alternative is the Costa Blanca. The best proof of this is the number of professional cycling teams that come here to train for weeks before the start of the cycling season.

Rent a road bike for your holiday on the Costa Blanca.

A cycling holiday can be very diverse. There are people who take a whole tour by bicycle or e-bike, where the luggage is brought from hotel to hotel. Others would like a bit more spectacle and ride various mountain bike tracks through the interior. And the customers who rent from us come to cycle through the Costa Blanca for a few days. They rent a road bike from us for their cycling holiday in Spain.

Top quality during the cycling break in Spain.

Allure Bike Rental currently only rents road bikes. But bicycles from the highest segment of quality. Our Stevens Ventoux Disc Ultegra is a carbon road bike, which is completely Shimano assembled. You can choose from a bicycle with or without Di2. Our fleet of bicycles is updated annually and very well maintained before and after every rental period. This means you are always assured of top quality during the cycling holiday in Spain.

Carefree on cycling holiday

A number of cyclists prefer to bring their own road bike on holiday. After all, you know what quality it has and how it is set. You would think, easy and carefree on a cycling holiday. But then, when traveling by car, train, plane or bus to your destination, anything can go wrong. It is not uncommon for the expensive well-adjusted road bike to arrive damaged. Not a good start to your holiday.

By renting a road bike from us, you are assured that your bike is adjusted to the dimensions you specify, is clean and excellent maintained. And in the unlikely event that a problem occurs with the bike, our technician will solve it as soon as possible. Everything is focused on carefree enjoyment.

Image to booking your road bike for cycling holiday in Spain

Online booking of your road bike.

At Allure Bike Rental you can easily book your cycling holiday online. You can book a perfect road bike within a few minutes via the steps on the bookings page. If you are also looking for a 4-star bike-friendly hotel, please send us a message via contact. For more information, see our homepage.

Even after the crisis, you can go on a carefree cycling holiday in Spain with these tips!

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