Why rent your road bike at Allure Bike Rental

Why rent your road bike at Allure Bike Rental

Anyone who regularly blogs for a company will know that it is not always easy. First, choose the subject. What are you going to write about this time? You should take previous blog topics into account. And above all, nowadays pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your website continues to rank well in Google. When I discussed this with a friend and said that I find it most difficult to find a topic, he immediately said: “Why rent a road bike from Allure Bike Rental?”

Rent a quality road bike

It may sound obvious, but that is not always the case. A good quality road bike consists of so much more than the actual product. Of course, the choice of the brand and the total construction of the bicycle is extremely important. But we have noticed that even with a slightly more unknown brand, it mainly revolves around other aspects. Our bikes are always and I mean ALWAYS thoroughly cleaned after every rental period. Even after a 3-day rental in bright sunny weather, the bike is completely cleaned. After that, it is technically completely checked and every part is subjected to a close inspection. If necessary, the parts are replaced immediately. In this way the quality not only remains very high, but our bicycles also still look almost new.

Personal contact

Allure Bike Rental has a beautifully integrated online booking system on the website. This means that as a customer you can reserve your bicycle yourself at any time. Simply by selecting the desired data, the bicycle and any accessories. As easy as renting a car. You will of course receive automated confirmations by e-mail. However, every online reservation is personally screened by us. Is all information complete and clear? Are all the necessary measurements for personal adjustment included? In all cases, a personal email will be sent to you as a customer. And that is extremely highly valued by our customers.

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Bike setup

Renting a road bike almost always means a different bike and geometry than your own road bike. Then it is very important that the bike is not only of top quality, but also that it is properly adjusted. Allure Bike Rental asks all customers to pass on the measurements for adjustment. First of all when you book a bike online. If you don’t have it at hand, don’t worry. As a result of the personal screening you will receive an email in which a bike setup will be sent and you will be asked to provide the correct measurements. In this way, every bicycle is fully prepared in advance!

Short lines in contact

If you want to rent your road bike abroad, there may be uncertainty about the procedure. Of course, every rental company works slightly differently. As a customer, you want clarity whether everything is properly arranged before you leave home. We are in contact with all our customers several times prior to their arrival. This means that all questions have been answered in advance. This also applies to the time of transfer of the bicycle on the date. If customers still have to arrive on the day of delivery, we always have whatsapp contact before and after the flight by plane. This way we can tailor the delivery to their wishes as personally as possible.

Delivery and collection of the rental bike

Our customers almost always choose to have the road bikes delivered and collected during their holiday stay. In most cases it is also free. If you are staying outside our delivery region, you will be informed in advance about the additional costs. These are normally so low that it is not worth renting a car or using public transport to get a bicycle. In addition, this delivery and collection also ensures a special personal contact moment.

Enough reasons to decide why you should rent your road bike at Allure Bike Rental!

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  1. Avatar Steve Armstrong says:

    Hi , do you deliver to Gandia please .

  2. Hi Steve, I just sent you an email with the possibilities for renting one of our quality Carbon road bikes in Gandía.
    Have a great day, looking forward to your answer.
    Team Allure Bike Rental

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