BLOGGING …… What is that? In any case, NO cycling!

Blogging, so different from cycling!

This first real blog starts. TENSING with capital letters as they say so nicely. For us but also
for you! For us it is especially exciting because of course we get from almost everyone who is
a little bit “modern” and wants to participate in all Social Media, well-intentioned advice,
how we do and how we should NOT blog.

We can tell you easily that when we looked forward to our activities in the field of blogging,
facebook, instagram or whatelse, the following picture appeared in our mind’s:

And most importantly, NO more has disappeared!

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to it! Until today we’ve gone live with our website unknown to all those cycling enthusiasts, who are always looking for new challenges. And Allure Bike Rental can offer you those challenges.

In the beautiful surroundings where so much variety of nature can be found with beautiful mountains and stunning sea views, it is a pleasure to push your own boundaries while cycling.

If the riders of many professional cycling teams such as LottoJumbo, BMC and Astana have been choosing to spend their winter training course on the Costa Blanca for years, then this region will hopefully offer you plenty of opportunities.

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