Cycling and nutrition during the holidays in Calpe, Spain

Race bike rental

If you decide to go on a holiday to go cycling for a couple of days, it is important to think about a number of things. First of all, of course the rent of a good racing bike. Allure Bike Rental is a bike rental company that rents road bikes to sporting tourists. We deliver these bikes to the holiday address from about Calpe to Villajoyosa in Spain. Book here

Sports nutrition or holiday food?

When you intensively cycle and train, nutrition is of course an important basis for good performance. Before, during and after exercise, various nutrients are important in the recovery of the body. Especially the intake of proteins, which the body needs for the recovery and building of muscles is of great importance after cycling. When you are on holiday in the area of Calpe in Spain there are several possibilities to take those proteins back to you. Both with sports nutrition and holiday food.


For sports – especially for a competition or a heavy workout – the body needs to be prepared for these efforts. A breakfast – and certainly a carbohydrate-rich breakfast – is not always a good idea. For the riders who see cycling as a side issue, a full breakfast may not hurt. If conviviality with family or friends outweighs an optimal performance, all food is good. Those who see cycling as the most important part of the day begin by raising the level of moisture. You can use Isotone sports drinks for this. The combination of important electrolytes and carbohydrates are quickly absorbed. Moreover, it provides a boost at the beginning of the training.

What is an Isotonic drink?

An isotonic drink has the same osmotic pressure as the body fluid. This means that it contains approximately the same number of particles (sugars and electrolytes) per 100 ml as the body’s own fluid. This allows it to be absorbed quickly or faster than water. In principle, isotonic drinks are perfectly suited to supplement both moisture and energy. The osmotic pressure in our bodily fluids is between 280 and 320 mOsm / l. A value in between gives the ideal absorption of your sports drink! On the left you see the values of the drinks and on the right from your body.

Image to nutrition during your cycling tour

To enjoy

While driving, the use of an energy drink, bar or gel can sometimes provide a solution to sustain a good performance for a longer period of time. But …. often the riders here on the Costa Blanca find a shady terrace on their route in the mountains. Between two climbs in enjoying the beautiful views that the cycle route offers them. But also to have a light snack and a drink to replenish the reserves.

Exercise sensibly

Many prefer not to get off the bike, but too much training is not an option. To train sensibly, the body first needs rest. This involves giving the body the ability to recover efficiently. A recovery procedure can provide a supplement to muscle glycogen, proteins and carbohydrates. In the hours after the training it is of great importance to get proteins. This is possible by eating low-fat dairy products, lean meat, red meat and fish. A real Spanish “Paella de Marisco” is a great meal that contains all that! And although this is of course a typical example of holiday food, paella can be a tasty and healthy alternative to the less enjoyable sports food during your holiday!

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