Calpe, paradise for cyclists!

Why Calpe is so loved by cyclists.

Calpe is a medium-sized town on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante in Spain. As described earlier in one of our blogs, there is a Mediterranean climate. Consequently, the sun shines very often and the temperatures are fairly average. In other words, in the winter it is not very cold and in the summer it is not extremely hot. That makes Calpe very popular with sports enthusiasts such as walkers and cyclists.

Touristic Calpe

The town of Calpe is located directly on the coast and has only around 25,000 inhabitants. Of these, around 47% do not have Spanish nationality. Every year an incredible number of tourists come to spend their holidays. Not illogical, since there are many beautiful and luxurious hotels. But there is also a sufficient supply for people who want to stay in an apartment or a camper. One of the most tourist attractions is undoubtedly “El Peñon de Ifach”. The rock with a height of more than 330 meters that extends far above the sea and can be seen in the wide perimeter. It is part of a small bird sanctuary and is loved by walkers.

Image to cycling paradise Calpe

Cycling from Calpe

Many of our customers choose the Calpe location during their cycling holiday. First of all, that has to do with where they come from. Our Belgian and German cyclists in particular have a preference for a stay in Calpe. There are countless possibilities to set a great route from here. The start of the tour starts the first kilometers over a more or less flat part, which many riders prefer. Finally, a great deal of variety can be applied to the chosen routes.

Have you become enthusiastic too?

We can imagine that you have become enthusiastic about spending your cycling training in Calpe. In one of our previous blogs we have written about a number of nice hotels with bicycle facilities. Of course you can also choose one of the other beautiful places on the Costa Blanca such as Altea, Albir or Benidorm. Allure Bike Rental delivers the bicycles (in most situations) free of charge to your holiday address.

Reserve your carbon racing bike today and soon you will enjoy your cycling holiday in Spain.

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