Guided bike rides Costa Blanca

A total concept for cyclists

In recent months we have looked at what our customers would like extra during their holiday on the Costa Blanca. By talking to our customers, we are getting more and more information about the wishes and goals of our cyclists. For some of them it is a total concept, of which the guided bike rides Costa Blanca form an important basis.

Airport transfer

For many people, the holiday starts when they leave their own home, but at least from the moment they set foot on foreign soil. Sometimes that also brings stress to people. Where should I go, is the bus already there, how long does it take before we get to the hotel. Questions and unrest that are unnecessary with regard to Allure Bike Rental. We can take this care off your hands by offering a transfer from Alicante airport to the holiday address on the Costa Blanca North.

Holiday stay

A lot of our cyclists do not care about luxury and it is not a primary condition during the holidays. However, that depends on a number of factors. Is someone traveling alone or in a group or are there also relatives who want to have fun while the partners are cycling? That is why we can offer multiple locations, all of which have their specific advantages and specifics. All locations are currently in La Nucía, where it provides a perfect starting point for the riders to start their routes. Both to the hinterland and towards the coast there are plenty of options without having to drive through city traffic first. Contact us for the possibilities. We can also do our best for a stay at a different location!

Rent a road bike

Now that the holiday destination has been reached and checked in, the bikes can be delivered as quickly as possible by appointment! Since Allure Bike Rental organizes all these matters, perfect coordination can take place. This allows you to make a reconnaissance ride soon after arrival.

Guided bike ride

We have received many questions from our customers about possible routes through the area. Although we have good experiences with plotting and following routes via Strava or Wikiloc, we know it isn´t the most pleasant way for everyone. We now have a solution for those customers. We can bring a guide for a few days who has extensive knowledge of various routes in this attractive cycling environment. Depending on the level (40 – 75 miles per day) and the wishes of the group, a route is plotted and discussed with our guide. He will ensure that the ride is pleasant for all participants at all times. Not only through navigation, but also through motivation and coordination of the different levels within one group of cyclists.

Custom package deal

The above already shows that there must be a customized package deal. Depending on the group size, the level of the riders, the package of wishes with regard to the stay, etc., we will look at what best suits your group. We therefore only offer this total concept for groups of at least 3 – 10 people. Prices are on request and mainly depend on the chosen period in the year. At all locations there is at least a swimming pool.

Carefree on cycling holiday

A cycling holiday is often seen as a moment to fully recharge yourself mentally and physically. But also often as a perfect training camp for the rest of the season. It is therefore that Allure Bike Rental tries to remove as much hassle as possible around it, so that this cycling holiday really becomes what you expect! If you also want a customized quote, please contact us via our contactform.

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