Cycle coffee stops around the Aitana

Cycle coffee stops around the Aitana

Cycling means something different for every cyclist. We noticed on social media that many cyclists post a lot about coffee rides. So this is part one to guide you around while cycling through the Costa Blanca. These cycle coffee stops are located more or less around the Aitana (mountain). Therefore they can be fit in easily in your ride to the Port de Tudons.

Cycle coffee stop with artisanal delicacies

Starting your tour from Villajoyosa, El Campello or even more south on the Costa Blanca one of the first villages you´ll pass is Aigües. It is so small that in two minutes you are already on the other side. Therefore it´s good to know that entering Aigües you´ll have the Bakery Shop. A green building (at least at this moment) on the left of the road. The Bakery Shop ¨Forn de Juan¨ has a wood-fired oven. Because of this they have a lot of artisanal delicacies to come along with the coffee.

El Balcón de Relleu

A few more miles ahead in the small village of Relleu you pass ¨El Balcón de Relleu¨ where you can have a nice coffee. Because the Sun is shining almost every day, you can sit on the terrace and keep an eye on the bikes. If you pass this village a bit later on a Sunday, you can also choose for ¨Casa Alta Vista Bar-Restaurante Relleu¨. First of all it has a marvellous view. Second it has a really good terrace in the sun or shade, just what you prefer. Because it´s more a restaurant it only opens at 1pm on Sundays.

First coffee stop after passing the Port de Tudons

Of course it depends on how you plan your route, but continuing like we started this blog, the first coffee stop after passing the Port de Tudons will be in Alcoleja. By then you will need at least a good coffee, which you can have at ¨Restaurante STOP¨. Sometimes things are really easy in Spain. Sitting outside with the road bikes really close to you, you can just enjoy you have already passed one of the highest mountains of the Costa Blanca. Or in case you reverse the route, you can buy here some fruit. As a result of all cyclists who stop here, they sell bananas.

La Venta in Confrides

Confrides is a village that has been included in many different routes. Not only in the route to or from the Port de Tudons but also en route to the Torremanzanas, Guadalest and many more beautiful routes. Consequently a coffee break at ¨La Venta¨ in Confrides will be really easy to fit in.

More than a coffee stop

Last but not least I´ll finish this blog with a place which we recommend highly. But this is more than a coffee stop. That´s why you should finish your cycling ride maybe here. ¨El Tossal¨ in La Nucía is a combination of many things. First, They have a wonderful terrace where the bikes can be stored safely behind a gate. Second, After a few hours of cycling some of you might be longing for a cold beer instead of a coffee. Third, The food is exceptional! Either you like tapas, a high quality prepared 3 course menu or just a small bite, this is the place to be. Even if you are not passing La Nucía on the road bike, you should visit El Tossal by car in the evening to have a good meal.


As we started this blog by saying, cycling means something different for every cyclist. The one thing equal to you all is a high quality road bike. Which you can book easily online. Some of you come here with a tough training program. Others mainly come for vacation. And a third group cycles a lot and long distances, but would also like to stop for a cup of coffee during their training. Hence this first blog with a wide variety of coffee stops. For sure this will make your ride pleasant and easy to plan.

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