The best road bike rental company on the Costa Blanca

The best road bike rental company on the Costa Blanca

At the end of 2018 we started Allure Bike Rental. We rent semi-professional carbon racing bikes. Our goal is certainly not to become the largest, but to become the best road bike rental company on the Costa Blanca. Read on if you want to know how we do this and what our clients think about it.

Rent road bikes

After living on the Costa Blanca for several years and tackling various work to gain experience, we knew. We still wanted to start our own company. This region between Alicante and Valencia is known as very popular with many (professional) cyclists. And so the choice was quickly made to rent racing bikes. Finding the right bike for both experienced and less experienced riders was a challenge.

The Stevens Ventoux Disc Ultegra for rent

In the end, we opted for the Stevens Ventoux Disc Ultegra. This carbon road bike can be ordered as a separate frame and can then be further built up according to your wishes. That means we chose a full carbon fork. The advantages are lightweight, razor-sharp steering precision, effortless climbing and maximum lateral stiffness, even in combination with disc brakes. In addition, all our bikes have Shimano Ultegra 11/32 cassete and a Shimano Ulltegra 50/34 Compact Crank, the ultimate gearing for flat and mountainous terrain on the Costa Blanca.

Rent a bike online

It is logical that we as an Allure Bike Rental team are proud of our company and what we have achieved in the meantime. Less than a year after the opening of our company, so many customers were able to find us on the internet that we would rent out all bicycles at the same time last March and April. Unfortunately we could not do that in practice because of the Covid-19 situation. But the fact that people already know how to find us online means that we are on the right track. Our online booking system also proves to be so simple – just like booking a rental car or plane ticket – that it is eagerly used.

Customer experiences

It is wonderful that so many customers have been able to reach us in the past period. More important, however, is how they appreciate our service, cycling, communication and the Costa Blanca area. Because satisfied clients leads to increasing awareness and expansion of our customer base. Based on the experiences of our customers, we can determine whether we are still sailing the right course. And that is essential to be or to remain the best road bike rental company on the Costa Blanca.


Today, almost everything can be found on the Internet. Similarly, what people think of a company. People can write a review via Google. This also helps potential clients to get more information about the way an organization works, the service provided and the assessment of the product being delivered. We are therefore proud that we have received more than 75 positive reviews from our customers in such a short time.

Image to review best rental road bike company

Peter: “It was the first time that we reserved 4 bicycles at Allure Bike Rental. Through the site the bicycles and price looked good, as well as the delivery / collection of the bicycles to the hotel are an added value. On delivery of the bicycles We met two enthusiastic people Marten & Patty. Everything was well arranged and the bikes were like new. Everyone in the group was very satisfied, so we enjoyed a nice cycling holiday. For me, highly recommended if you want a decent bike rent ….. Next year we will know where to go …. TOP ”

Rob: “Great experience. Perfectly maintained and modern racing bike with disc brakes and electronic shifting. Super routes, beautiful country roads with little traffic and something for everyone (long routes / short routes, climbs or relatively flat). Perfect service from Allure through the delivery and pick-up for a great price, all together. Definitely recommended and worth repeating! I hope to come again soon! ”

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