Rent a carbon road bike in Spain

Rent a carbon road bike in Spain

Most people who rent a Carbon road bike in Spain do not just come for a holiday. Most of them really come to train and ride a lot of kilometers by bicycle every day. It should come as no surprise that Spain is one of the most favorite countries for this. Thanks to the perfect roads and the right climate, cycling in Spain is possible all year round.

How do you rent a road bike?

The question of how to rent a racing bike can be answered in the same way as how to rent a car. A good rental company requires a clear website. This must be quick and easy to find on the internet. But above all, the site must be clear. It should provide the correct information for all interested parties. This means in particular adequate information about the bicycles themselves. But of course also a simple price structure and a booking system.

Booking a rental racing bike

After reading all (price) information and technical aspects of the bike on the page our bikes, you go to the page booking. First of all, you select the date and time for both the start and the end of the rental period. Then you make the choice between a racing bike with mechanical or electronic shifting. Then you choose the size and any accessories such as pedals, helmet, water bottle or insurance. If you come with a group, repeat this process. Finally, you only have to fill in a few personal details and pay.


Rent carbon road bike in Spain

Choosing the right size

Almost all our customers are experienced cyclists in the country where they live. Many already own a carbon racing bike themselves. As a result, they are rightly demanding. That is why we ask for additional information about the adjustment of the bicycle. We do this through a bike setup system. If the customer provides us with the information for this, we can assess whether the correct size bicycle has been selected. And of course we adjust the bike perfectly to the specified dimensions of the bike setup.

Delivery of a rented bicycle

The avid cyclist will in many cases come to make long rides through the mountains every day. He or she can already see a large part of the environment. That is why many of them do not rent a car upon arrival. Allure Bike Rental has therefore chosen to deliver the bicycles to the customer’s holiday address. In many cases this is free. The advantage is that cycling can be started immediately after arrival. For us as a rental company, the bicycles are not transported in a car that is too small. In this way we greatly reduce the risk of damage.

Doubts about booking the right road bike

Despite clear information on our website and a simple booking system, there may be doubts. Perhaps about the size, insurance, availability or additional services. In that case, it is good to contact us in advance. This can be done quickly and easily via our contact form on the contact page.

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  1. Avatar Patty Kommer says:

    Hi, thank you for your interest. I can send you all the details you want, if you send me your email address.
    Otherwise you can find all the information you want on this page:

    1. Avatar Peter S says:

      Do you rent bikes in Valencia?

  2. Avatar Scott Giffin says:

    Do you deliver or offer local shop pickup in Terremolinos, Spain?

    1. Allure Bike Rental Allure Bike Rental says:

      Hi Scott, we are based 550k from Torremolinos. Hopefully you visit the Costa Blanca area near Benidorm next time. Then you can rent our Carbon road bike.
      We wish you a wonderful holiday. Team Allure Bike Rental

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