Why an electric road bike?

Why an electric road bike?

We started our company exactly 5 years ago. That seems like a long time, but given the 1.5 years that our company almost came to a standstill due to Covid-19, it feels like we have only just started. The plan was to rent out very high quality Carbon road bikes and deliver them to our customers at their holiday address as a service. Why now deviate from this idea and add an electric road bike to our fleet?

Growth through service and by expanding the number of road bikes

Our company has grown enormously in the last two years. Not least in terms of service and quality. Thanks to personal feedback from our customers – whether or not via a review – we know exactly where our strengths lie. We were able to utilize that and use it to our advantage. To guarantee our high standard of quality, we have purchased a lot of new bikes over the past year. As previously written, this is the Jan Janssen Sonic Disc Ultegra Di2 12 speed. And what a success that turns out to be.

Addition of electric road bikes to our fleet

Why a new brand and a different type of bike? The nice thing about having your own business is not only when it runs well financially, but also when customers appreciate what you do. And some of our customers came with a demand for electric road bikes. Sometimes due to an injury and sometimes due to reduced fitness, but also increasingly because our customers are getting older. And that was decisive in the choice we made. That our regular customers sometimes need an electric bike.

Spanish bike manufacturer BH Bikes

Unfortunately, our regular supplier Jan Janssen in the Netherlands did not appear to sell electric road bikes. We therefore started looking for a good, preferably Spanish, alternative. And we found that at BH Bikes located in Vitoria in the Spanish Basque Country. They make various electric road bikes with a geometry that suits our needs.

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The BH Core Race 1.2 electric road bike

The new BH Core Race 1.2 is an electric road bike with a mix of carbon and aluminum. Especially suitable for people who are less trained or want to cycle with other riders. It is equipped with an 11/34 cassette with 12 speed and 50/34 crank! With a range of up to 165 kilometers you can ride beautiful routes with this bike. Of course, the service is the same as with all our bikes. This means that it is delivered to the holiday address and completely cleaned and technically maintained after each rental.

We hope for as much success with this bike as with the others! The BH electric bike can now be booked via our online page.

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