Hire an affordable racebike in Alfas del Pi, Costa Blanca

The Right rental bike for a very good price!

We at Allure Bike Rental in Alfas del Pi are aware that an affordable racebike is important. A holiday can be really expencive. For that you have to consider where to hire your racebike.  It plays some role for a part of our (also new) customers deciding where to hire a Carbon road bike during the holidays. Especially for the Dutch, who sometimes can be stingy. That´s why we want to put a number of points next to each other here, which are important by choosing a rental bicycle.


The quality of a rentalbike is mainly determined by the way how these bicycles are maintained. Of course it matters what type of bike you choose, but the maintenance of the bike is just as important. For us it´s really important that every bike is cleaned well after each rental period, that everything is checked mechanically and that we can adjust the bike again to the wishes of the next customer, before delivering it at the holiday address. This may have to do with the adjustment of the sizes, but sometimes also with the assembly of the desired technical matters.

In addition, we are convinced that quality in communication is certainly very important. That means it should be clear to a tenant what he / she will rent, when, what the price and the conditions are, but also that there is certainty that the reservation results in a good delivery. We achieve this by contacting by mail between the date of receiving the booking and the date of actual delivery during the holiday.

How to choose your bicycle

As can be found on the page Our bikes in an overview with all bike specifications, all our Carbon lightweight (7.6 kg) road bikes are assembled with Shimano Ultegra parts. The combination of electronic shifting (Di2) with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and the Shimano Ultegra compact 50/34 cranks is particularly high quality. This makes it possible to climb well in the region in which we are located – the Costa Blanca – and where many steep mountains can be found, as well as on flat sections. Thanks to the weight and the technical equipment, it will be a pleasure to spend your cycling holiday here.


Renting a bike in Spain costs on average between € 15,- and € 30,- per day. One thing and another depends of course on the type of bicycle. To hire a City bike will be less expencive than a Mountain bike, Electric bike or a roadbike. “We Dutch people” think it’s important that something has a good price-quality ratio. Or preferably as much as possible for as cheap as possible! But of course that only applies if the thing you want to rent really satisfies everything. At Allure Bike Rental we opt for the combination of quality, service-oriented and a fully equipped bicycle. And that often cheaper than at other bicycle rental companies.

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