Women’s cycling more popular than ever

Women’s cycling more popular than ever

It is well known that the number of cyclists has grown remarkably fast during the various stages of lockdown during the Covid-19 years. But the fact that women’s cycling is more popular than ever is perhaps still new. That is why we are getting more and more ladies as customers at our company. It is therefore inevitable that it is also very popular among women.

Special products in women’s cycling

A few years ago you were more the exception than the rule as a woman on a road bike. Now that is quite normal. More and more ladies are taking the road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike and discover this beautiful branch of sport! A large number of products have been developed especially for women. The designs of clothing and bicycles have also improved a lot compared to a few years ago. It is not without reason that we offer our female customers the option of mounting a comfortable ladies’ saddle.

Differences between women and men when cycling

That we differ from each other should come as no surprise to anyone. In terms of physique and muscle mass alone, the difference is almost 15-20% more muscle mass for men (average). In addition, men have more testosterone and a different ratio between slow and fast muscle fibers. The effort they can make as a result is therefore different from that of women. In addition, men have a larger lung volume and therefore often more content / endurance.

Riding in a cycling group

Especially here on the Costa Blanca, we regularly hear from our female customers that they do not enjoy going into the sometimes unknown mountains alone. That is why we regularly receive duos, couples or groups. Several times a week a group of cyclists of various levels departs from Benidorm, where everyone can join for the fun.
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Advantages of riding in a group

 Someone else can take the initiative on the route
 Driving new routes
 Driving in a fan when the wind is blowing hard (which doesn’t happen very often here in Spain)
 Learn to drive at a faster pace, by alternating head turns and being in the wheel of your predecessor
 Faster build-up of your stamina
 Sociability and making new friendships
 Nice to plan a cycling holiday with one or more others (also better hotelrates for groups)

Tips for riding in a group

Train enough on your technique, especially the turns
Take a course if necessary
Make a call on Facebook or Instagram for people cycling in your area
Provide a route that everyone in the group can drive
Take enough food or drinks with you for interim energy
Or even better: Plan a nice coffee or lunch stop in

And finally, plan a nice joint holiday to the Costa Blanca! We have beautiful bicycles for both men and women. In combination with a good 4* hotel and transfer from and to Alicante airport, or just for the rental of a good carbon road bike. Have fun!

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