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Roadbike hire Spain open again

Roadbike hire Spain open again

Since the lockdown because of the COVID-19 on March 14th 2020 all shops, both fysical and online, were closed in Spain. Which meant that we were not able to rent our bikes to you, our dear cycling lovers. As from today Monday May 4th 2020 the government announced that all shops for roadbike hire Spain can open again. Although you might think this is great, nothing is less true.

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Costa Blanca, tips for cycling at high temperatures

Cycling or not in warm weather?

Summer has started again and for many it means more time to cycle! But cycling in warm weather entails a number of challenges. The chance of dehydration is real. Also a reduction in performance and sometimes, unfortunately, overheating. Two cyclists in France and one in the Netherlands recently died when the temperature reached around 40-45 degrees Celsius. Fortunately this does not happen often to riders, but athletes in general should take precautions in warm weather. Since here on the Costa Blanca we are used to a little bit of sun, high temperatures and humidity, we give some tips to get well prepared. And then decide: cycling or not in warm weather! Read More

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