Road bike rental year 2022

Road bike rental year 2022

As we often do at the end of a certain period, we look back at our road bike rental in the year 2022. And we do so with pride. What a wonderful year we have had.

Customers in 2022

In the past year we have seen an incredible number of clients from previous years. This means that despite the two difficult previous years (2020-2021), we are starting to build our own customer base. And we experience that as very positive for a company that has been around for less than 4 years. But fortunately we have also received many new clients, including many groups. We are also very happy with that.

Rent a road bike Costa Blanca

Our customers now know where to find us. Not in the least because our website is easy to find via the search engines. Especially the search terms road bike rental Costa Blanca, or road bike rental Altea – Benidorm score perfectly.

Cycling in Calpe

We also received a message from Jeroen from the Netherlands. While looking for a road bike rental company, he came across our website. Since he and his friends are all quite tall, it was important that we could provide a perfectly adjusted bike for all of them. Once we had received everyone’s bike fitting, we could reserve the right bikes. And that they liked it, as evidenced by the blog they wrote about it on their Triptalk site. To learn about their experiences with us, but also with the Costa Blanca, read more here.

End of rental year 2022

As the year draws to a close, we can therefore take stock. We do that with great pleasure. Not only the number of clients we had this year, but especially their enthusiasm encourages us to continue on this path. In addition, a number of them have left a very nice and clear review on our Google My Business account. Take a look to judge for yourself. Finally, not only we, but also our customers are super enthusiastic about the new bicycles that we have purchased. The Jan Janssen Sonic Disc Ultegra Di2 12 speed meets everyone’s expectations.

image to road bike rental year 2022

Selling road bikes

Unfortunately, that also means that we will be saying goodbye to some of our road bikes. Fortunately, to date, several clients have already purchased the Stevens Ventoux, which we have (had) in our rental. The fact that the older bicycles from our rental database end up with customers proves once again that the quality is very good. Also interested in buying a Stevens Ventoux Disc Ultegra from us? Please contact us for details.

Finally, we thank everyone who supported us to make this year 2022 such a huge success. We look forward to seeing you again in 2023!

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