Costa Blanca, tips for cycling at high temperatures

Cycling or not in warm weather?

Summer has started again and for many it means more time to cycle! But cycling in warm weather entails a number of challenges. The chance of dehydration is real. Also a reduction in performance and sometimes, unfortunately, overheating. Two cyclists in France and one in the Netherlands recently died when the temperature reached around 40-45 degrees Celsius. Fortunately this does not happen often to riders, but athletes in general should take precautions in warm weather. Since here on the Costa Blanca we are used to a little bit of sun, high temperatures and humidity, we give some tips to get well prepared. And then decide: cycling or not in warm weather!


A common mistake made by cyclists is that they will ride in the heat without being sufficiently prepared. Without being properly acclimatized, the effect of the training will be lower, you have to make more effort and the risk of injury is also higher. Riding early in the day and not cycling too long is best. Riding in the evening is also possible, but due to the release of heat through the asphalt, it will feel much warmer than just after the night.

Protect yourself

Sunburn has more risks than just for the skin. A side effect is fatigue and an increase in metabolism. This also increases the need for moisture. That can be difficult when it is already difficult to stay sufficiently hydrated. Prevent sunburn using a high factor sunscreen, even in the neck! Choose clothing with UV protection and possibly wear a cap under your helmet.

Plan far enough ahead

Prevent the water or isotonic drink in your bottle from heating up quickly. Freeze at least half of the total liquid a night before, before replenishing the rest just before departure. For longer journeys, stop often enough to take a cold drink in the shade. Cold drinks ensure that your internal body temperature stays lower and that promotes performance.

Cooling down

Try to get sufficient cooling of your body by running cool water over your neck or forearms. There are also special cooling towels for sale that ensure that your body temperature drops considerably.


There is no reason to make the same effort on extremely hot days as on cooler ones. Lower the pedaling frequency and ride a shorter ride. At high temperatures the metabolism is already higher!


Both the days before a longer ride and during a ride it is wise to eat water-containing vegetables and fruit. They also have sodium, which retains moisture for longer while riding. The same function has an isotonic drink. After riding, in addition to taking in moisture and carbohydrates, it is also important to eat or drink sufficient protein. These provide extra binding and transport of water to the muscles, where recovery can begin again.


Cycling at high temperatures is by no means undesirable. In fact, after a not too strenuous morning ride you often have more energy than without. Only take as many tips as possible to be able to train wisely. If you have any doubts enjoy the guided tour of Allure Bike Rental.

Remember: the best thing about a good ride is being able to ride the next ride!

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