Safety during cycling in Spain

Safety during cycling in Spain

Safety during cycling has increasingly become a topic of discussion in Spain in recent years. Various components determine safety. First of all, there is of course the racing bike itself, which must meet all safety requirements. The rider also determines how safe it is with his behavior. In addition, there are various accessories that can contribute, as well as the clothing. Finally, of course, the traffic rules in a country are important. We will go into all these points in more detail in this blog.

A safe rental road bike

Road bikes are available for rent all over Spain. In all shapes and sizes and of very diverse quality. Of course, as a cyclist you all have a preference for a certain type of bicycle. One likes a somewhat stiffer frame, the other doesn’t. The structure of the bicycle, such as cassette, crank, brakes, etc., also determine the quality of the bicycle. At Allure Bike Rental we have opted for a Carbon road bike from the Stevens brand, built with Shimano Ultegra and disc brakes. These brakes in particular ensure that descending here in the mountains of the Costa Blanca can take place safely. Since most accidents happen while descending, this is an added value. But nothing determines the safety of the bicycle like perfect maintenance. We do that before and after each rental period, in order to have a safe rental road bike for our clients.

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Behavior of the cyclist

The Costa Blanca is the mecca of the international cycling world. It is not without reason that many professional UCI World Tour teams come to the Costa Blanca from mid-December to the end of January for their training. As a result, more and more riders have come to this region in the past 10 years. The behavior of the cyclist largely determines how safe cycling ultimately is. For years we have seen large groups of riders with sometimes 2 – 4 men climbing a mountain side by side. A situation that is not only dangerous, but also causes a lot of irritation among other road users.

Accessories for cyclists

One of the main accessories of cyclists that can contribute to a high degree of safety is wearing a helmet. Fortunately, this is now mandatory for cyclists in almost all countries. However, this is only safe and useful if the correct size is worn and the helmet is properly fitted. More and more often we also see that cycling clothing is provided with reflective pieces. This often occurs on winter clothing in particular. Although we can almost always cycle in good weather on the Costa Blanca, it can happen that you are caught by a rain shower or that you only return at dusk. Especially then it is very important to wear this reflective clothing.

Road safety in Spain

In Spain, there has been a traffic rule for many years that contributes greatly to road safety, especially for cyclists in Spain. This concerns the fact that motorists are only allowed to overtake if they can keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the cyclist. If not, there will be a hefty fine in return. Both we and most of our customers actually experience that cycling on the Costa Blanca feels very safe because of this and of course the perfect condition of the roads.

Another aspect is the lighting that cyclists may use in traffic. Until recently, this could be a white light in the front and a red light on the back of the racing bike. Lately this has been changed to allow a flashing light, provided it will not blind other road users. In tunnels it is even mandatory to make yourself visible as a cyclist by using light.

All in all, enough reasons to choose a road bike holiday on the Costa Blanca. In the interest of safety! To book an excellently maintained Carbon road bike with disc brakes, click here. We hope to see you.

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