Cycling year 2020 in Spain

Cycling year 2020 in Spain

For us as a bicycle rental company in Spain, the 2020 cycling year started out overwhelmingly. Already in the first two weeks of January, so many reservations were received that we had almost full-time rental of all our bikes for the months of March, April and May. For a company that started cold a year earlier, a very nice and good performance!

Cycling in Spain

As we have written in our blogs before, the Costa Blanca is a great region for cycling. Not only for our customers who use a Carbon road bike fitted with Shimano Ultegra parts and disc brakes, but also for day trippers. There is plenty of choice from beautiful and long, flatter routes or trips through the mountains. The roads here are extremely well maintained and the traffic rules protect cyclists. This makes it easy to enjoy yourself while cycling in Spain.

Covid-19 and its consequences for our cycling year

This wouldn’t be an honest last blog of the 2020 cycling year if we didn’t say anything about what Covid-19 has caused. The lockdown in Spain came very unexpectedly and very quickly. The restaurants were closed on Friday 13 March and on Saturday evening we heard that no one was allowed to go out on the street from Sunday without a valid reason. This meant that our customers who had rented a bicycle were no longer allowed to cycle. That they had to book a return flight to their country as soon as possible. And for us that we were actually no longer allowed to pick up the bicycles at the hotels. Fortunately, all our customers have managed to travel home quickly and safely. We too were able to retrieve our racing bikes unharmed.

Image to cycling year 2020 in Spain

The following months it was deserted on the streets in Spain. People were only allowed to be on the street to go shopping, to a doctor or pharmacy or to walk the dog within a maximum radius of half a mile from their houses. So no cyclists in the so beautifully started cycling year 2020 in Spain to discover.

Cycling is gaining popularity

Across Europe, there have been various stages of measures to reduce the virus from March to June. In many countries, people have worked from home as much as possible, if possible. But a number of people still have to travel for work. Now that the risk of infection in public transport was high, another option to get to work safely was looked at. Carpool is not an option for many, so they choose the safest alternative. Meaning that not only road cycling is gaining popularity, but cycling as a whole.

Tourism in Spain

From July, some tourists came to the Costa Blanca again. However, many chose not to go by plane but by car. Tourism in Spain decreased by more than 90% compared to previous summers. A big blow for the hotels and catering industry in particular. Of course, that also meant for us that we could not even greet 10% of our normal customers. But thanks to those who did find us and rented our bikes.

The end of 2020

Now that we have almost reached the end of 2020, it is good to look back. Hence this blog. Although many people have had a difficult or sad year, we still look back positively. But above all, we look to the future with confidence. Most of our customers have reported that they have remained healthy. Some have had the virus, but have overcome it. Many found an outlet to go cycling for a while to leave the worries behind.

We are pleased that the cycling year 2020 in Spain that started so successfully is now almost over. Because with the arrival of various vaccines, we now hope that we can slowly return to normal in 2021. People can resume their work, visit each other and scramble to their feet where necessary. Our customers are then allowed to travel again. And we want to let them all know that we are ready to receive you! Our Stevens Ventoux racing bikes are spotlessly clean and well maintained, waiting for you to be booked in the new cycling year 2021 in Spain.

Team Allure Bike Rental is wishing you a healthy, happy and sportive 2021!

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