Roadbike hire Spain open again

Roadbike hire Spain open again

Since the lockdown because of the COVID-19 on March 14th 2020 all shops, both fysical and online, were closed in Spain. Which meant that we were not able to rent our bikes to you, our dear cycling lovers. As from today Monday May 4th 2020 the government announced that all shops for roadbike hire Spain can open again. Although you might think this is great, nothing is less true.

Regulations for cycling in Spain

Of course we are allowed to let our clients rent our Stevens roadbikes. However, one big issue is that our clients are not allowed to visit us yet here on the Costa Blanca. As we speak the regulations for cycling in Spain are as followed. You can cycle on your own in between 6 – 10 am or between 8 – 11 pm, within the borders of your own municipality.

Roadbike hire Spain

Clients for roadbike hire Spain

Our clients who rent a roadbike are 80% from Northern European countries. Mainly Belgian, Dutch, British, Scandinavian and German clients hire a roadbike in Spain. Although we have also Spanish clients of course. But regarding the regulations just described we have only permission to cycle within the perimeter of your own town. So all those Spanish cycling enthusiasts that could rent a bike from us, already live here in Alfaz del Pi. So wouldn´t it be logical that they have their own roadbike?

Future for roadbike hire Spain

Reviewing Instagram and Facebook we see on all of your posts on Social Media that you have been able to keep on cycling during the lockdown to avoid the COVID-19. That´s great. It means that when we take a look into the future you probably are longing to book a cycling holiday on the Costa Blanca. On the one hand because it is wonderful to cycle with friends again, on the other hand to test how the condition is in a much more mountainous area.


Hopefully, our customers are confident that once the borders are reopened by European countries, it will be safe to travel. Because as positive as it may sound that our company can open again from today, it certainly does not yet mean that we will have customers or turnover.

That is why we turn to our dear customers to keep in mind the option for a cycling holiday in the autumn. People’s health, the economy and mental resilience have had to take a hit. But with positivity looking at the end of 2020 and the focus on a beautiful cycling holiday on the Costa Blanca, it is possible to persevere now that it is necessary. For you but certainly also for us! Because eventually we will see each other again, as soon as you can book your roadbike.

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