Performance drive in cycling

Performance drive in cycling

Although I am not yet a developed cyclist myself, I absolutely recognize the urge to have a performance drive in cycling. The will to achieve something and to become the best at it motivates people to a great extent. And even though that unfortunately does not express itself in physical cycling for me, it does stimulate me in my work.

Motivation and achievement

A few years ago, my husband carefully started throwing up his own business here on the Costa Blanca. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, right? His motivation to set up a great company for himself eventually made me enthusiastic. Since I am a performance-oriented person, the motivation to go all out was quickly present. We decided to set up an online road bike rental company.

The start of an online business

Of course, everything is for sale when you start your own business. We have therefore immediately outsourced the building of a website to people who have a lot more technical knowledge than we do. Then there is a website, we are motivated, but that is not enough.

Knowledge and skills through study

Although my husband, through many years of work as a mechanic, has quite a lot of knowledge about the maintenance and technology of Carbon road bikes, he is always actively working to increase his knowledge. To guarantee a good performance of the bicycle to our customers, maintenance must be done to the utmost perfection. To do this, he immerses himself in the smallest details in the technical aspects of the bicycles.

No successful webshop without a good SEO strategy. At the start of our company I had no idea what all that would mean. But with a healthy dose of motivation and an even greater drive to reach the top, I got to work. Through all kinds of courses from Yoast, an incredibly successful SEO company, we are so far that we rank very high in Google.

Performance drive manifests itself in work

Now that we are well found via Google, among others, it is no guarantee that we will also get many reservations. Especially in the last period when people are cautious about booking holidays and bikes as a result of Covid-19, it is important to have everything perfectly in order. Customers ‘dare’ to commit themselves less easily because of travel cancellations. Above all, it is important to have very clear communication. My drive is to speak to all customers as quickly and professionally as possible, but above all clearly. It has been shown several times that it is precisely this communication that convinces them of the added value of our company.

Personal attention

Even if a reservation is only made through good preparatory work, then the real work starts properly. We try to collect as much relevant information as possible in order to provide the highest possible service. To this end, there is often intensive and personal contact with our customers via Whatsapp or email. This way we can switch quickly and get the right information to optimize the bike for delivery. Obtaining the correct sizes for adjustment according to our bike setup and the necessary accessories ultimately ensure a top performance on our customers’ road bikes.

Performance drive in sports

Every day we see exceptional achievements in sports come to us via television or social media. At the time of writing this blog, the 2021 Tour de France is in the middle of its 3 weeks. Yesterday Cavendish won a tour stage for the 33rd time. He said afterwards that this was due to the extreme effort of the entire team. Also Max Verstappen who scored the third GP victory in a row of this season last Sunday. The team as a whole also ensures that an optimal performance can be delivered in solo sports.

That is why we as a team do everything we can to provide our customers with a great road bike. This way every customer can deliver a wonderful performance in the mountains of the Costa Blanca!

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