Cycling in the mountains

Cycling in the mountains

When you think of cycling in Spain, you quickly think of cycling in the mountains. And although there are certainly some flat pieces to be found, that is not often the case. Especially here in the Costa Blanca there are many challenging climbs. So challenging in fact that a large part of the professional teams spend their winter internship here. But how should you deal with that now?

Practical tips for cycling to the top

Since a large proportion of our customers come from a mostly flatter country, here are some tips for those who don’t often cycle in the mountains. Try to build it up slowly. Almost every cyclist rides with fewer revolutions than on the flat, so ride a little small. If you don’t, your muscles will get tired sooner. You will feel that later in the week.

Take the cassette choice into account

If you are going to rent a road bike, keep in mind the choice of cassette. Our bikes are fitted with an 11/32. Perhaps different than on your own bike, but nice if you don’t want to work hard on such a climb. Save the luxury of being able to switch back for a while!

Cycling in the mountains

Depending on the time of year, it can be nice and warm in the mountains, but of course also quite cold on the col. That means you have to drink very well. Two large 750 ml bottles is really not a luxury here. In addition, it is wise to always have a gel in your back pocket. Take a short break at the top to have a drink, eat something solid and enjoy the view.

Cycling in the mountains

Runners are dead ends, does that also apply to cyclists?

Of course. A saying is called a saying because it contains a kernel of truth. Those who start quickly often encounter themselves. Try not to count down after the first kilometer of the climb. It is better to calculate how much percent you have already had after every kilometer. It’s slow at first, but then you make big strides. It’s a matter of mental intelligence. Moreover, for the bad mathematicians among the riders, it takes so long to calculate the percentage that in the meantime another kilometer has been pedaled away from you.

You mainly climb with your brain

If you are competitive, you naturally want to set a good time. Make sure that you get the best out of yourself on the flatter parts. Ride the steep sections carefully and ramp up on the flatter sections. You can then share the result with your cycling friends via your Strava account.

Don’t forget to enjoy the environment

Of course it is important for some to set up a good training. Yet for the vast majority of our customers it is primarily a hobby. A sporty but fun challenge, which is also healthy. So don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Cycling in such a beautiful environment, gets the best out of you or your legs.

Got excited to take on the challenge with yourself or the mountains? Book your Carbon road bike here for your next holiday.

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